Echo Isochron

There’s a frenzy of emotion and unfamiliarity.

With every new discovery, the sum transmutes into the obscure. Every minute, casting all perception aside in an ablution of ego.

Moments pass.

The foundation is inculcated. Legs are used to rise up. Friendships are effortless yet substantial. The crumbs gathered are no longer of importance, bearing no weight. Soon the foundation appears stable and the build loses momentum. Priorities develop, and the construction is abandoned in favor of the furnishing.

The funnel consumes.

A provisional state is accepted, and the provisions are spent. Architecture shifts to conceal the holes, which the many think of as fissures, yet society labels as progressive. But despite the labels, the flaws remain. And the tenant suffers. The decorations lose their lust. The most puissant beams begin to rot. Friends drift away, and new relationships bear more weight. The architecture becomes a mainstay for thoughts, and oversees the perception of it’s surrounding.

The funnel diverges.

Extravagant foundations seem ever-present. All around. Mocking.
The construction should have finished. Perhaps another edifice should have been adopted to fill the crude exterior, now having no face to distract. The present becomes the past. Longing ensues for a rework.

Finally, another foundation is adjoined. A flophouse low on it’s luck. A few repairs are made, but the gaps are never sealed. The interior never gets back to the initial furnishing. The plans go untouched until finally being stored away.

New relationships are tedious and superficial, so the pair rot together. And as they grow old their sills grow errant, their paint chips, and their studs slowly regress. Their roots merge and a new plan is drawn. This new foundation, incubated by the crumbling foundations that surround it, begins to develop. And as it emerges, it feeds off the decay and rot. A seed is planted for what it will one day look like. What it will grow into. But also what success looks like. Where it’s potential ends. How love appears to come from broken pieces, and that it needs to remain broken in order to find it.

The new foundation finally emerges.
And before anything can tell it differently,

the funnel ends for two.

There’s a frenzy of emotion and uncertainty.


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